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  • Bamahas

    Vacation in the Bamahas!!  The vacation spot for dyslexics.


    Do you struggle with your A1C? Do suffer from AR, OCD, GERD, IBSD, FTD, or  UPNP?   Send an SOS via SMS to your MSP or HCP asking for RSVP of HMO or PPO ASAP.  This has been a PSA from the AMA.

  • Word play

    Shouldn’t “bashful” mean destructive?  

  • Politically Correct?

    Does politically correct mean I’m better than you? Can’t call a black a nigger or say kike for Jew. Can’t say dot-head or Pollock but shit-head’s OK? To be politically correct it just can’t work that way. Can’t say retarded anymore, no matter how you use it, but to say mentally challenged means you might…

  • Books I’ll never write…

    The Difference Between Nooks And Crannies: An Expose’ of English Muffinology South Florida Road Names: A Guide to Street Name Multiplicity At Odds With Even Breathing through the other side of your head Breathing for Dummies Rocket Science for Dummies Brain Surgery – A Layman’s Guide The Global Warming Cook Book Cooking with Lead Cooking…