Politically Correct?

Does politically correct mean I’m better than you?
Can’t call a black a nigger or say kike for Jew.
Can’t say dot-head or Pollock but shit-head’s OK?
To be politically correct it just can’t work that way.
Can’t say retarded anymore, no matter how you use it,
but to say mentally challenged means you might confuse it.
Developmentally challenged, do you think they care,
but idiot or stupid or moron is fair?
What happened to our language and the way we spoke?
Our freedom of speech has just gone up in smoke.
The earth is overheating and there’s people in pain,
but elected officials would rather play their game.
The founding fathers would turn in their graves
to see how broken government is today.
We can get things done, but the government can’t
and that’s part of the reason that I wrote this rant.
Republicans and Democrats they keep wasting time.
Being politically anything – now that’s the real crime!