Category: Seriously Speaking

  • Homes of the near future with built-in conveyor

    Homes built in the not too distant future will feature a conveyor belt connecting the house directly to the nearest Amazon distribution center.

  • Damage to the Earth

    The damage we have done to the Earth far exceeds mankind’s ability to correct or reverse. Beside global warming, we have fuel, agricultural, and clean water crises around the planet that is already costing lives and can only get worse.

  • Global Warming and the Future

    Global warming is real, and if ocean rise means NYC, Miami, LA, etc will all be flooded within 50+ years, then we’d better get going real fast in the central USA right now, because relocating every major coastal city before tidal rise isn’t going to be a 2 year project, and if we haven’t started…

  • World Change and Money

    True world change for the betterment of mankind can never occur while currency is more valuable than human life. Only when survival replaces profit and greed as a motive for change, can there be any real change.

  • Effects of Preservatives

    Autism and oddball allergies are occurring in epidemic proportions in today’s youth. I believe we are seeing the first evidence of the effects of long term exposure (2nd, 3rd & 4th generation) and use of preservatives, additives, pesticides, etc in food and water supplies over the last 30 years.

  • Antibiotics and Immunity

    Today’s children are being brought up in a dangerously clean and antiseptic environment with prolific use of antibiotics via the medical profession, and antibacterial products used everywhere. These products are counterproductive to the young body and it’s immune system. These kids will grow up with a two fold problem, with hyper-sensitivity to certain substances (like…

  • Our Oceans

    Quite simply…Everything we throw on the ground ends up in the ocean.