Maybe you’ve heard about the latest kid’s buzzword Cheugy.
As “grown ups” (oy – lol) I think we should mess with their heads.
We should tell them it isn’t their word, isn’t new, and that they spelled it wrong, too.
It’s Chewgy, and it was a candy bar!
Now – I know they won’t find anything about it on Google,  but if we all post these pix around, soon there really will be Chewgy candy bars showing up on Google!

Scenes we’d like to see

In the movie “The Day the Earth Stood Still”, what if Patricia Neal’s character forgot the 3 words to stop Gort from destroying the world?

“Klaatu… um… oh… Barometer… er…  Nixon!!!”


“Roger that, Houston.  Confirming . Panel Status shows we are Fornicating with the Devil.”
“Confirming that. Fornicating with the Devil.  Status 666.”


10 things kids today will never understand.

  1.  Why entering a phone number is called “Dialing”
  2.  Why old movie thrillers got scary when the phone lines were cut.
  3.  Why old recordings sound clicky and scratchy.
  4.  How you ever got lost.
  5.  How making a purchase meant “Getting on line” and not “Getting online”.
  6.  Why buying music usually meant buying a whole album, not just one song.
  7.  How banking meant going to the bank.
  8.  Why you needed film for your camera.
  9.  How you ever survived without internet access.
  10. How you could ever be without a phone.