The Untold Threat about Solar Energy – What the Experts haven’t told you!

More and more headlines are touting Solar Energy as the next great source of unlimited and cost-effective energy to help feed our seemingly insatiable national and worldly thirst for more energy.

Although it seems, at fast glance, that Solar Energy is the Holy Grail of cheap, unlimited, and clean alternative energy, the untold truth is much more troubling.

To understand the threat, you must first understand the science behind Solar Energy.  Solar Energy uses the Sun’s energy (the rays of light it emits) as they hit the Earth in a unit of light called Photons.  These Photons are then absorbed by some material that either uses the heat generated by the collision of these photons with the absorbing material, or by chemically converting them into electricity using Photo-Voltaic cells.

Now this may sound simple enough, and we have all seen products that use these technologies in our daily lives, including solar powered calculators, and solar water heaters, but the danger lies just beneath these items.  The trouble with all these technologies is Photon-deprivation.  Learn this term, because this is what will eventually kill us in the future.

Photon-deprivation is the absorption of Photons (or light energy) from the source – i.e. – the sun. Absorbing photons by our newly created energy-hungry solar powered devices means less photons available for the rest of what relies on light to survive, including plants, oceanic plankton, and – in general, life itself.  As we use more and more solar devices, less light will be available for everything else, as well as putting a strain on the Sun’s energy and more quickly causing it to burn out.

Just like plugging in more appliances into the same electrical outlet, we can overload the Sun and deprive living organisms the photonic energy they need.  There is no safety net here, no solar circuit-breaker in case of an overload. Photosynthesis – the process by which plants process light into food, slows down, causing a reduction in farm crop production and yields.  Photosynthesis is also what plankton in our oceans use to grow and make food, which is the basis for all life on this planet.  This reckless use of solar energy basically undermines the entire eco-system of the Earth and Sun, putting life as we know it at risk of total extinction!

Scientists have confirmed these findings time and again, but the big energy lobbyists in Washington, and in other major world political centers have been suppressing this information for years.  They don’t want you to know the true risks of a cheap, clean, and available resource.  You have been led to believe that Big Oil is the bad guy out there in the energy world, but oil spills can be cleaned-up, but we can never replenish the Sun’s energy after we start to deplete it.

Time is running out people!  The clock is ticking, and the time-bomb is the Sun – or the lack of it!  Write your Congressmen,  contact your local papers.  This information must get the public attention before it’s too late.  Solar Energy Kills!!