Support the IFTCO and Save the Children

Your generous donation to the IFTCO (International Fuck Those Children Organization) helps an American Child living in poverty by redirecting funds given to save impoverished children in other countries and giving them, instead, to needy families and children in the United States.

For every dollar you donate, 2 dollars are taken from international aid organizations and are given to US families providing food, shelter, medical care, and supplies to those in need.  Why should we worry about sorry looking children in other countries when we have plenty of sorry looking kids right here at home.

We’re currently sponsoring a contest for our Poster-Child for 2019, with an all expense paid trip for him or her, and their entire family to Las Vegas where they can see, first hand, where American decadence runs amok (and also where many families become needy because Mom & Dad just gambled away the family’s life savings and won’t have enough to eat when they finish their last dinner at the complimentary all-you-can-eat-for-now buffet).

Remember – time is running out for our Poster-Child 2019 contest, so dress your kids in rags, tell them their favorite puppy was just killed, and snap some pathetic looking photos – and you could be a winner!